About the book - Antun Mateš: The Enchanted Angler

About the book

"After having read and leafed through this book for countless times, it is hard to find the right words to present it in a way, which this masterpiece of angling literature deserves. In order to show the power and the quality of this book, one can by all means state the following: what the publication of the book The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton meant in 1653, this is what this book means in today’s circumstances… It reflects “the“ spirit that can hardly be expressed with words, but which has a magnetic attraction for us. Just like the patina gives old objects their charm, just like the good, old wine in the beautiful bottles, which we rather prefer to hold than to drink (or more likely hold and drink)"
Siniša Slavinić
Fishermen & Fish

"The recently published book by Antun Mateš, The Enchanted Angler – Trout, is in size and splendour similar to the painter’s monograph. The fish and the fishing were put on the level of monuments. Sport fishing was put on the level of human fate and the history of this angling on the level of an inevitable national fact… Just like he, an excellent painter, has an eye for his environment and the knowledge of how to use colours and techniques, like this Mateš, an excellent and elite sport angler, has a sense for the magnificent trout geography, which God presented us so abundantly"
Milan Ivkošić
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Hard binding, gold lettering, full colour
192 pages, 284 colour photos, size 23 x 29 cm

The English and German edition was as a trial printed
with the circulation of only 250 copies.

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